Sunday, December 8, 2013

Meet the newest addition, Mondrian.

I’ve been looking to get a second Brompton for a while, both as a lighter weight option for quick rides and also just to have another bike if I have company in town.  I’ve been riding a few S-bars and felt at home on them.  I bought Mondrian at MetroGnome Music and Cycle to Go.

Mondrian started life as a S2L Brompton, but I took off the fenders and made it a S2E.  I had seriously considered making it a single speed, but decided against it.  The main frame is red and the extremities are cobalt blue, which match the colors of the University of Arizona very well.  When Todd from MetroGnome was doing his initial order way back during the Brompton US Championships I suggested this bike configuration, with the idea in the back of my mind that if it didn’t sell I would pick it up.  I added the sunflower yellow saddle from Brompton that I had bought a week earlier, which should make it pretty unique.

I had originally planned to call this brommie Wilbur, after the UofA mascot, but decided on Mondrian.  Why Mondrian?  Check this out…

Piet Mondrian was the father of cubism a cubist a cubism-influenced abstract expressionist, which seems appropriate since the Bromptons look very cube-like when they’re folded up.  Also, MetroGnome’s building was influenced by Mondrian.

I already have a few plans for Mondrian, most urgently is installing some Ergon grips and perhaps cutting the handlebars narrower.  I’m also going to try to find a small Wilbur sticker to decorate it just a little.


  1. great looking new brommie! surprised you didn't go with titanium for more weight savings. i guess you wouldn't have the blue extremities, then. does your other brompton have a name? or does it simply go by 'the dirty brompton'?

    1. Yeah, you know that I've thought about having a Ti one. But on an S2E, I think you only really save about 1.5 pounds with a Ti. Hard to justify the cost on that.

      I'm trying to get into the habit of calling the other brommie "ODB" for Old Dirty Brompton (those in rap circles know that acronym as something else!)

  2. how much does (the?) mondrian weigh? yes, i agree that that the ti parts are exorbitantly expensive for, what i view, as minimal weight savings. on the other hand, 1.5 pounds knocked off on a 20 pound bike is more significant than 1.5 pounds off a 30 pound bike (percentage wise). if brompton ever comes out with a full or majority ti bike, i think i would be tempted to buy it. or perhaps by then, i will be so old and decrepit that i'd need to go the other extreme and buy a super duper heavy e-brompton.