Friday, December 27, 2013

Ortlieb mini-o bag: initial impressions

Merry Christmas to me!  I just got a white Ortlieb Mini-O bag (to be honest, I got it just before Christmas to use, sans Brompton, on my USA east coast trip.)

I've been eyeing one of these bags ever since I've got Mondrian.  The smaller area and more rigid surface should make me a little more aerodynamic.  This should be great for when I am zipping around town and don't need to carry a change of clothes or anything else substantial.

The smaller volume makes it easier to find your contents, and is actually ideal for a carry-on bag on a flight.  It'll hold my in-flight entertainment (small Kindle Fire, iPhone, in-ear headphones, etc.)

Ortlieb mini-o bag with my in-flight essentials
This bag gives me tons of room for my feet.
I'll report back once I actually am able to ride with it.