Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bromfoot 2 Folding Pedal Extender / Protector: First Impressions

In my early days with the ODB, I would inadvertently "overfold" the folding pedal and would scratch the raw lacquer finish.  This was upsetting, particularly on such a beautiful, expensive bike.

When I got Mondrian, I was determined to not let that happen again.  I recalled in an earlier post that Jeff from Bromfoot suggested using his product in order to prevent this from happening.  

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it), Brompton had changed the shape of the folding pedal to more closely resemble the size of the non-folding pedal and the original Bromfoot would not fit on the 2012 and later folding pedals.  The new folding pedals are about the same size as the non-folding one in the fore - aft direction, but the effective left-right width was narrower (I think it had something to do with a European law regarding lean angles, or something to that effect).

Fast forward to November 2013.  I had bought Mondrian and Jeff had recently released the Bromfoot 2 that is shaped for the newer style folding pedals.  It was go-time!  I bought mine at Portapedal.

Bromfoot 2 in package
The package consists of the Bromfoot 2, four replacement fasteners, and a 2.5mm hex key.
Each of the fasteners had threadlocker compound applied to them.
Here is a video on how to install the original Bromfoot.  The Bromfoot 2 is even easier since popping off the reflector is not required.

Folding pedal before Bromfoot 2 installation.
The reflectors are integrated... no need to pry them off.
Make sure the Bromfoot 2 is in the correct orientation.
Bromfoot 2 installed
Another view of the installed Bromfoot 2
The Bromfoot 2 plastic will be the only thing to touch the frame when the pedal is overfolded, which eliminates scratching.
I found the Bromfoot 2 to be a clever solution to a few of the shortcomings of the Brompton folding pedal.  Firstly, it'll prevent me from scratching the frame if I make a bonehead fold.  It'll also prevent scratching during transport (like flying in a case or gate checked).  Secondly, I did notice that I was far less conscious of the placement of my left foot when riding.  Before the Bromfoot 2, my left foot would feel out of place and I would have to re-adjust it.  Now I'm doing that less.  Thirdly, I've heard that other riders have had trouble with their heels getting caught on the small rolling wheel or Eazy Wheels (it hasn't really been a problem for me, but I could see how this could happen).  The Bromfoot can give your foot a little more clearance room.

So... initial impressions are very positive for the Bromfoot 2.  I'll keep you updated if anything changes.


  1. Looks quite good for our Brompton, I will try to reach one here in Spain.

  2. Hi, maybe old news, but Brompton made a small change to the cranks a few years ago, they added a small ridge which acts as a stop for the folding pedal.
    So, overfolding isn't possible on newer production bromptons.

    1. I have a new model with the small ridge and although it does initially stop the pedal - you can in fact still go past the stop and potentially scratch the frame

    2. If carrying the brompton you accidentaly rotate the pedal so it is not longer aligned with the crack, it will also overfold scratching the paint...I know by experience in a 2014 model...

  3. I got a BromFoot a few months ago. It was shipped quickly, installation was easy, and my foot feels more secure on the pedal. I like it.

  4. Despite the notch on the 2014 brompton crank arm, the pedal will still over rotate if not perfectly aligned with the crank arm. With daily use this problem has presented itself in a scratch to my paint. I look forward to trying this product.