Saturday, August 4, 2012

MetroGnome Music

Today I rode to one of my close friend's business, MetroGnome Music. They specialize in used musical instruments, but they also have DVDs, music cd's, vinyl, and video games. They also drive around in a cool old Metro van that has been restored.


  1. Hi Fernando:
    Love the vibrant colors in the pictures in this post and of course I love that Brompton. Guess we both have great taste, eh? :)

    Paz :)

    1. Thanks Chandra! The paint on the building was inspired by Piet Mondrian, and I guess the Brompton was inspired by me!

    2. Fernando:
      We have the same exact bike, if I am not mistaken!
      How cool is that?
      Peace :)

    3. Yeah, pretty much!! I think you have the telescoping seat post while I have the standard one, but other than that we should be the same! I'll also be getting the B&W case today! Ha!