Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The first commute (sort of...)

I took the first ride into work this morning. I loaded up the C-bag with my work clothes plus soccer gear for a little pickup after work. Here is the bike loaded up:

Fortunately the weather was ideal this morning and the ride was pleasant. Having the bag off of my back was really nice.

I wasn't too much slower on the Brommie compared to my other road bikes... Maybe about 5 minutes slower.

After I got showered up I rode to the building that I work in and was able to fold up the bike, attach the C-bag and was easily able to roll the whole unit down the hallways. I wasn't able to take pics of the unit while I was at work, so I took some when I got home.

I had lots of co-workers ask about the bike and check it out. They definitely dug it!

By the way, I did get a ride home after soccer, hence the title.

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