Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Yo Colorado! - Part 1

While I was jealous of those who were participating in the Brompton World Championship, I had to make do with the US Pro Challenge in Colorado.  This trip will be written in two or three parts, since there's a bunch of photos I'd like to put up.

I made use of my recently acquired B&W hard case and brought the Brompton along.  As I had mentioned before, I had to take off my Brooks saddle, which I wrapped in my riding shorts for protection.

I also covered the folding pedal with an old sock to prevent it from scratching the frame (again).

Here's the case loaded up...

When I arrived in Denver, everything was still intact.

One day my buddy Saul Mora (head honcho for iOS app developer Magical Panda) and I rode from Highland Ranch to downtown Denver, which was something like 25 miles one-way.  Here's some pics from that excursion:

Bicycle stairway to heaven!  We don't see these in Tucson!
Surprisingly, it takes more effort to wheel a bike down the stairs than up it.

Cuernavaca Park, right in the middle of downtown Denver!
Saul sucking some water.
Cherry Creek Reservoir
Cold filtered!
I must say that I am impressed with the hundreds of miles of bike paths in Colorado that are detached from car traffic.  It was a wonderful experience to cycle without having to constantly worry about being hit by cars.  I think I rode about 120 miles during my trip.  Also, no goatheads to worry about (although my Flat Attack would have probably taken care of them)!

Part 2 coming soon!

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  1. Hi Fernando:
    Did you remove or modify the foam padding at the bottom of the case? I can fit the bike in, but I have trouble closing the lid; if I close it, it is harder to open it. I have placed the bike exactly as you have in the photo in this post, positioning, orientation and all; but still having trouble closing the lid shut without applying pressure on the lid.

    Any tips?