Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Road Holland apparel

Disclosure:  I am not being compensated for this post or the coupon code, just sharing my experience with the company.

I first heard of Road Holland from a review from Path Less Pedaled.  The jerseys were slick and fairly conservative... stuff that I wouldn't mind wearing off the bike.  The fabrics used have a varying degrees of Merino Wool Poly blend (Merino wool is pretty awesome).  However, my main attraction to them was that the garments are made in the USA (Miami, FL).  Finding any clothes that are made in the USA is nearly impossible these days.

The garments aren't cheap, and that's because they're not cheap.  These are very high-quality jerseys that feel really comfortable.  I'd rather pay a little more and be happy than to save a few bucks and be agitated.

Hilversum jersey with additional arm sleeves
I got an email last week from Road Holland informing me that I had been one of their top customers last year (I had bought a few jerseys).  As a thank you, they sent me a bag of coffee as well as a coupon code for 25% off (FMA25) to share with family and friends (which means you guys).  This is a limited time offer... the code is only good until the end of the month (January 31)!



  1. that 25% off coffee, or 25% of garments?

    1. Garments for sure... Not sure about the coffee, but I imagine they would be discounted as well.

  2. nice company and great marketing strategy, very high-quality jerseys that feel really comfortable