Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ride on, Tucson 2013 photos

I had mentioned this Ride on, Tucson event in a previous post.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous after having record low temperatures earlier on in the week!  There were plenty of cool bikes being ridden, including a Bike Friday tandem.  The Tucson Brompton Bicycle Meetup club was there representing with 3 Bromptons (2 more were supposed to show up, but had to cancel at the last minute).

By all accounts Patrick Dempsey was a cool dude.  He was happy to take frequent stops and sign stuff, get photos taken and chat.  Unfortunately I didn't get to talk to Tom Danielson, but I sure he was happy just relaxing and enjoying the ride.

I have a video of a lap around the course... I hope to get it edited shortly.

Early crowd at Ride on, Tucson
Rickshaw for doggies!
Extra lids 
Brompton Meetup Group members

Patrick Dempsey signing a spanish "Can't Buy Me Love" movie poster.

Patrick signing a Tully's mug for one of our Meetup members.

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