Wednesday, January 16, 2013

An awesome belated Christmas present!!

A couple of friends of mine gave me a pretty awesome present... A Brompton artwork t-shirt!

The art was done by Andy Scullion and can be purchased at his web storefront on RedBubble, along with some other Brompton and bicycle themed shirts.  The shirt itself is made by American Apparel, which is actually in the USA (downtown Los Angeles to be exact)!

I'll be rockin' this garment soon & often!


  1. Awesome, indeed -- not only are the Brompton shirts fantastic, but there's a tempting slew of other Brommie-themed goodies as well. Gotta love that folded graphic -- it says it all!

  2. Hi,

    Really appreciate you having my work on your blog! Just found you though my google analytic tracking! So please about it, I've shared your blog with my facebook page -

    Thanks again and I love your blog!


    1. Thanks for making some great designs Andy! And thanks for the FB mention. I'm sure some of my readers also enjoy the designs!