Monday, January 14, 2013

New Garmin video featuring my hometown!

This Garmin video showcasing the new Edge 510 & Edge 810 GPS units cell phone interaction via bluetooth.  The video was shot in two locations:  Girona, Spain and MY HOMETOWN of Tucson, Arizona, USA.

At time 2:40 the Garmin rider riding along a stretch of land housing retired military planes (affectionately known as the Boneyard, and previously mentioned in this post).  This location is about 1.5 miles from my house!

At about 3:00 the pair of riders are starting at the base of Mt. Lemmon, approximately 11 miles from the Boneyard.  The route on Mt. Lemmon is about 26 miles long & starts at an elevation of about 2550 feet and ends at 8200 feet in the town of Summerhaven.  You can actually climb a little bit higher, but most people stop at Summerhaven.  It took me about 6 hours to do this climb on a road bike.  A lot of elite professional riders do this climb in about 2 hours.  The ride down is a big adrenaline rush - it took me about 45 minutes to get down, averaging at about 45 mph.

The control room also looks like it's from Tucson, but I can't confirm that.  If anyone knows, give me a holler!

I know My Orange Brompton and The Brompton Bumble B are rocking Garmin units, and perhaps I will join them soon!

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