Thursday, September 5, 2013

MetroGnome Music & Cycle to Go - Tucson's first Brompton dealer!

I am excited to announce that MetroGnome Music & Cycle to Go is the first Brompton dealer in Tucson.  I have a previous post about his store.  The store is owned and operated by Todd Crawford (aka the fastest Brompton folder in the US).  They have the full gamut of Brompton bicycles, parts and accessories.

Todd with his Bromptons

MetroGnome also carries other cycling related accessories from Park Tool, Nutcase and more!  I am hoping to coordinate demo rides around town with perspective (and current) Brompton owners!

In addition to cycling gear, MetroGnome also carries new and used musical instruments, vinyl records, video games and DVDs (I have bought several bass guitars there!).  The Stereo Hospital, who do repairs on older hi-fi stereo systems, is also located inside the store.

Here are a few entertaining videos that the crew at MetroGnome put together:


  1. 'Prospective' - Fernando.....

    Brompton in Tucson, whatever next!

    Laurie -

  2. Congrats!!! special and amazing bike, now available there!!