Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Video of Brompton spanish

Check out Will busting out the espanol!  Also love the interviewer's enthusiasm, especially when he checks out the raw lacquer!


  1. This is quite funny the MD doing an interview in Spanish - I'll have to try and figure out what they are saying!

  2. God - and i thought i was enthusiastic about Brommies!

    What i love about this vid is that you do'nt have to know much, if any, Spanish to follow everything that is being discussed because of the..........enthusiasm, speaks a thousand words.

    Laurie -

  3. Just discovered your blog and I have been reading oldest to newest post. I just got my H6L Raw Lacquer Brompton four days ago, so your blog obviously intrigued me since your raw lacquer brompton is so prominent.

    Love this interview! Even though my Spanish is pretty bad, I still understood most of it. Like the previous poster said, the enthusiasm really comes through!

    Ty Smith
    SF Bay Area