Monday, July 29, 2013

BUSC 2013 Sunday Recap: Folding Contest

The Brompton Folding Competition took place after the Championship Race.  Groups of 10 competed eliminator-style until only one remained.  I was in the second group of ten, still not quite recovered from the race (excuses).  I wasn't comfortable with the way my bike folded because it wasn't as stable with my rack removed (again, excuses!).  I was eliminated unceremoniously in the first round.  However, this did allow me to focus on taking a bunch of video!

My friend Todd was in the next round.  He kept going...and going... and going until the was the last man standing!  Here's his progress thoughout the competition:

Todd's opening preliminary round

Second preliminary round

Third preliminary round (knocking off Beckie Alexander, the women's race winner)

Todd head-to-head with our good friend Melissa

Finals - opening round

Finals - Second round

The last three

The Final

Folding contest podium
Animated GIF that Google+ automagically made for me.
And here are some notable duels that I really enjoyed:

Bryan loses after some friendly smack talk towards Francie.

Ross, a Brompton rep, throws down the gauntlet against Spencer, the men's race second place finisher and the US representative to the World Championships.


  1. Nice images, and what sartorial splendor! All other things aside, your time seems excellent for a someone with a damaged hamstring. Next year the BWC?

    1. I'm not sure about next year, but hopefully the year after!

  2. Fernando:
    I enjoyed the videos. They are always fun to watch.
    Paz ;)