Sunday, July 21, 2013

One year and counting...

Today is my one year anniversary with my Brompton that I picked up at Portapedal!  By this time I should have came up with a pet name for it, but alas I haven't (I should probably use ODB...Ol' Dirty Brompton).  Of course I celebrated by riding the ODB!  I explored the new separated bike path down Harrison Rd., which is a part of the expanding Tucson LOOP system.  Parts of it had a bunch of mud due to our recent flash flooding, but it was a minor inconvenience.

It's been a great year, meeting great people (both virtually and in real life) and having great adventures.  I hope to do a more comprehensive post about my year and have it up on another famous site.  I'll keep ya posted.


  1. Congrats, Fernando. Wish you Many more Happy Years of riding.
    Paz :)

  2. Happy 1st Bday to a fellow Raw Lacquer! Mine turned 1 on July 3rd. That's the day I bought Brooks (named after my godfather, works out that the saddle badge works as a nameplate!) at LA Electric Bikes in El Segundo. Thanks for a cool Brommie blog, let me know if you ever get out to SoCal (split time between Palm Springs and LA) and we can have a ride along with my brother Mike who rides an orange/black!