Sunday, April 28, 2013

Saturday in Phoenix

Social media, despite its tendency to be a huge timewaster, can be a wonderful thing.  I've been posting Brompton related pictures on Instagram an have been followed by a dude in Phoenix named Opahippie.  I check out his pics, and he has some of himself riding his Brompton around downtown Phoenix with a Burley Travoy trailer.  Opa says that he's got a gang meeting up on Saturday at 8th Day Coffee & Culture.  Great!  I'll be up there anyways to go to Portapedal to get some work done.  I met a great group of people!

Dan (of Urban Cookies), Opa (of Bike Force) & Myself at 8th Day Coffee & Culture 
I also got to check out Bike Force and the Travoy Trailer that they use to carry large cargo around town.

My B with the Travoy

Another view of the B with the Travoy
 Back at 8th Day, someone pointed out I had a lump in my rear tire.

Bump in rear tire
Another bump in the rear tire
Fortunately the folks at Portapedal were able to replace it.  I also changed my chainring to the 50 tooth, going from -12% reduction to standard 6 speed gearing.  I also bought the last pair of kevlar folding Kojaks that they had.  I'm hoping all of that will keep me from being embarrassed at the US championships.


  1. Hey! So nice to meet up with you. Maybe my wife and I can meet u and your friends in Tucson sometime. Go ride like the wind and tear up that race!

    1. Sounds good! We'd like to see you guys down here.

  2. I've been using the Travoy with my Brompton quite a bit in NYC. Makes a great grocery shopping companion!

    Best of luck to you at the US championships! I'll be in London for the World Championship round this year. Say, any chance you'd like to do some guest blogging for us about Bromptons? If you're into it, just drop me an email: peter (at) nycewheels (dot) com. Cheers and have fun! -Peter

    1. I, for one, am glad you are going the BWC in London and (I'm assuming) not to Minneapolis. Although it'd be great to meet you, it looks like you're one hell of a fast dude. Less competition for me!

      I'll shoot you an email about guest blogging.

  3. Will the Brompton fit on the Travoy when folded? Thanks!

  4. I don't think it'll fit nicely sideways. I've seen someone bungee tie it kinda longways, but I can't vouch for how it rides. I know Radical Designs has a trailer called the Chubby that is designed to carry a Brompton.