Monday, April 8, 2013

Cyclovia Tucson 2013, Weekend 1

Yesterday (April 7) was the first of two Cyclovia events in Tucson for 2013.  Cyclovia Tucson is based on the Bogota Ciclovia, where several streets are closed to motorized traffic and walkers, skaters and cyclists are free to roam the streets.

The weather was pretty warm as is customary this time of year.  Regardless, there was a great turnout with lots of opportunities to people & bike watch.  It was just HT Chen and myself for the Brompton contingent, but we saw quite a few Bike Fridays.

I've got some video footage, but I've noticed that I seem to tilt my head a bit, making the footage a little skewed.  I'll see if I can correct it post-production before posting it up.

Unfortunately I was too busy talking and taking in the sights to take many good pictures.

Trying out the Sun Tran Hybrid Bus.

Some better pictures can be found on the Tucson Velo site.


  1. Does Sun Tran not let you take your Brompton on the bus? I have thought of using the bus in town but I would not want to put my bike on those racks. I know someone who had his bike stolen while his bike was on the rack. By the time he got out of the bus, the thief was long gone.

    1. You are permitted to bring a folded bike onboard, I was just curious as to how the Brompton would fit on the bike rack. The express bus from my work has a slightly different seat layout so it's a little more cramped to bring the B onboard. Bringing the B onboard is still my preferred way to ride the bus if there's space in the cabin.