Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ride a Brompton, get a free beer.

Usually when I roll into my friendly bar with the Brompton, I fold it down outside and try to discreetly roll in with it and tuck it into a corner where I can keep an eye on it.

However, earlier this week I had about 5 people who wanted to check out the bike and having me fold and unfold it.  Other Brompton owners have stated the bike draws a lot of attention, and it really is true.  I'm still trying to deal with it, considering that I'm not really one to actively seek attention.  However, if a free drink is offered, who am I to refuse!
Cheers "Coconut" Joe!


  1. hehehe yup, you get used to the attention when with your B. Good chat up line for the ladies too I'm guessing ;)

  2. It's funny that this happens! On a trip to Albany NY, I stopped into on of my favorite pubs and left my folded brompton and T bag in a corner near the door. I had barely taken a stool near the bar when the owner stopped over to ask questions. He's a boater looking for something to use when he's docked. Later, when I was leaving, the bartender told me the beer was on the house. An added benefit of riding a brompton! :)