Thursday, October 25, 2012

Chain Tensioner Pics for Chandra

These pics are for Chandra (iBrompton) and I guess anyone else who needs a reference as to what the chain length should be when replacing with a new one (I haven't messed with my chain yet, other than just cleaning and lubing it).

The distance from the bottom edge of the chainstay to the center of the bottom chain tensioner pulley was approximately 2.8 inches and to the center of the chain itself was approximately 3.4 inches.


  1. I see in the photos that you are now using Scwalbe Marathon Plus. Off topic and you probably already know this, but the key to getting the most out of these wonderful (and heavy and pricey) tires is to always keep them aired-up to max psi. Good choice, they are awesome!

    1. Hey Don, those are still the original Marathons. My next set of tires will most likely be the Marathon Plus. And I do try to keep them as pumped up as possible. I think the Plus has a higher max PSI value.