Monday, May 20, 2013

Chain mystery solved, solution is not

So I figured out what is going on with my chain... the front brake cable is pushing the cable when I'm folding it. Here's a video of it:

I conducted a FaceTime session with Al from Portapedal and showed him what was going on. He suggested that perhaps the brake cable needs to be twisted so that it will bend closer to the fork.  I'm still working on it...haven't really had time to give it the proper attention. 


  1. Fernando:
    That's quite interesting.
    I like the way you have captured the problem in the video too.
    Hope the solution works for you.

    Peace :)

    1. it's so strange, why your carry block face backward when folding?

  2. I'm assuming the other cable attached to the brake cable housing is a wire for a dynamo hub? Has it always been zip tied to the brake cable housing? It's possible that the cable housing needs a twist as suggested by Al.

    In regards to Anonymous' note on the carry block. It faces backward when the front of the frame is brought around to the folded position. The fork and handlebars remain facing forward.