Thursday, July 17, 2014

2014 BUSC Recap Part 1: Friday Night - The British Embassy

This past weekend was Brompton US Championship weekend in Washington, DC.  It is an annual event that I've been to for the last two years (this year and last year) and it is something that I will continue to make time for every year.  Both years that I've been to the championships have been a blast.  The BUSC this year was hosted by BicycleSpace.

This year, the Friday night pre-event was hosted at the British Embassy.  Todd and I were trying to find it earlier in the day and passed under it several times since the road the embassy was on was not visible from the bike path that we were using (Rock Creek).  When we rolled up, there was a pretty big line to get in past the guards.

People from all over were dressed to the nines for this!  The Embassy promoted everything British, including Crabbies Ginger Beer and a few other alcoholic beverages!

There was a quick folding contest for those who wanted to volunteer.  Not many people were eager to do it, so went ahead and stepped up to do it, as did my friend Melissa from last year's BUSC.  Melissa ended up winning the contest (I blame the booze) and won herself a Brooks saddle!  Here's a someone else's picture of me trying my best...

After the folding contest, Marty from The Brompton Diaries (who has much better coverage than me here) introduced herself to me and we had a nice chat about the state of Brompton blogging.

We had to cut out a little early unfortunately, but I don't think we missed much after we left.

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  1. Congrats on participating in the event, Fernando.
    This is a nice write-up.
    I read Marty's write-ups as well.
    Jointly, y'all have painted a very complete picture of the actual event.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Peace :)