Sunday, February 16, 2014

A night out with a Brompton rep

Brompton North America representative Ed Rae swung by Metrognome Music and Cycle to Go to give a talk about traveling with the Brompton and just Bromptons in general.  Ed was also gracious enough to answer a bunch of questions that the audience had for him.  After the talk we rode to Sky Bar, had some pizza and had lots of interesting discussions!


  1. Are you going to get into more details of the talk? I was sad to miss the event and was looking forward to reading about it on this blog. Also, what was said in the interesting discussions? Come on, some of us no longer in Tucson would like to know :)

  2. Some of the discussions included how some people were able to get their Bromptons on the airplane...some have even put them in the over head compartment! Ed suggests gate checking... and being very confident about it.

    Also, there was some talk about new products being developed ab Brompton. I don't think I can really disclose anything here, but if you've imagined it, they're probably working on it.

  3. I met Ed last year. Got to say that his candor was very refreshing. The folding bike community could certainly use a few more like Ed to get us where we need to be.