Monday, November 4, 2013

New savings milestone set!

I ended up taking the long way home today and according to my worksheet, I've saved over $200 USD in fuel costs since owning the Brompton!  It's been about about a year and 3 months since I've had the Brompton, and I would have reached this milestone earlier but I had to take some significant time off of it this summer.

I know that I've got quite a ways to go to recoup the money that I used to buy the Brompton, but at least I'm having fun and that's worth something.


  1. It's all in your second paragraph!

    Mine's a pleasure to ride whether it is saving money or not, i enjoy being 'independent' not being an owner or user of anything motorised apart from a Narrowboat.......

    Laurie -

  2. I got my Brompton in July and I've saved over $500 in NYC subway fares.

  3. Dollars saved and health gained. Hooray!
    Paz :)

  4. I have probably saved that and more - I take my a Brompton when I travel overseas. Savings on using the Tube in London are huge. Sadly in South Africa the distances are too vast to cycle to work etc., there I use my Vespa scooter! I agree with the other posters, saving cash is one bonus, health and fun are invaluable!