Monday, June 3, 2013

Getting the B ready for the BUSC!

I took my Brompton up to Portapedal to have Tom take a look at the brake cable issue that I've been having (where it's been knocking the chain off of the chainring when folding) and to also get it prepared to race in the Brompton U.S. Championships.

Race preparation consisted of removal of the rear rack & fender (which required an alternate mounting point for the dynamo-powered rear light) and installation of the lightweight Kojak tires (kevlar bead).  Tom handled this pretty quickly, which is something you would expect from a pro!

The brake cable issue was a little trickier to diagnose.  We kept comparing it to a similarly built new Brompton that they had in stock and really couldn't tell much of a difference.  We ended up trying to zip-tie the cables in slightly varying locations and also adding some grease to the outside of the brake cable (where it contacts the loop on the front part of the top tube) to try to get it to not catch as easy.  Seems to have worked!

The Brompton does indeed look slightly different with the rack removed and is much more difficult to move around when folded!  I've still got to take the mudflap off of the front fender!


  1. Hi Fernando, I am Rafael from Almeria (Spain), the Brompton is now a very sporty with the new Schwalbe Kojak, I've put my Tern Link P9 the Kojak and aesthetic love. A greeting.

  2. Looks pretty sweet dude. How are you finding riding it without all that extra weight? And what does the weight come in at without it? Must be feather, feather light! Stick an extra light front wheel on there and you should be able to lift it with your pinky!

    Great blog by the way, I've enjoyed trawling through your posts all the way back to the beginning. I'm thinking hard about getting a brommie and your thoughts have helped trememdously.

    By the way, will you be changing the bars out too?