Saturday, November 3, 2012

First kinda-sorta meetup...

Yesterday I met up with the other cool Brompton owners at Sky Bar. It was the first time we all have gotten together since the Gary Fisher ride. It was nice to see everyone again and talk about the future rides and trips they are planning.

It was mentioned that they have seen other Bromptons around town, which is exciting. I think I'm going to make the leap and form a group on, and hopefully that'll make meeting more Tucson Brompton owners even easier! Once I get everything figured out I'll share the group info in a new post!


  1. It is great that you have other Brompton riders in your city.
    I haven't found any others in my "country" yet.
    Peace :)

  2. Really jealous.... Some times I think I'm the only Brompton rider north of the Bronx....

    1. I do feel real fortunate that I had found other riders in my town. Amazingly, I think all of them had heard of my blog (when it was quite young) before I had met them.