Friday, September 7, 2012

GoPro mounting hack - FAIL

I tried shooting with the GoPro while coming down Independence Pass.  The camera was mounted using the hack I had posted about here and here.  Unfortunately, I forget one thing... a band that helps the mount stay in place in the luggage block.  You can see in the video that I had to stop a few times to re-secure the mount, and eventually it fell off the block.  The GoPro case landed in such a way that it really scratched up the lens, so no more video from the rest of the trip.  Here is what I have of the video for your enjoyment / constructive criticism / laughter. 


  1. I enjoyed the video! Wow - how fast were you going?
    Peace :)

    1. I would guess it was in the mid-30's (MPH). Unfortunately I wasn't smart enough to remember to turn on Cyclemeter on the iPhone.