Saturday, June 30, 2012

Finally, some loot! No main prize though (yet)...

While I was taking care of some other business up in Scottsdale I took the opportunity to swing by Portapedal Bike in Tempe to chat and pick up some of the accessories that I had ordered and to see if anything was new.  I also wanted to check out the Jubilee edition while they still had it.

Jubilee Edition Brompton at Portapedal
The Jubilee Edition is limited to 500 units and included a limited edition S bag with the Union Jack on the flop,  This model is basically a tri-colored M3L (white main frame, red handlebar stem and fork, cobalt blue rear frame) with a Union Jack design under the Brompton logo.  Very cool looking!

Also new was a Brompton polo shirt.  Looked sharp, had to have, and did!

I was also given this trouser cuff (basically a big slap bracelet) for being a good sport for waiting so long for the bike.

Here's all the other stuff I had ordered and picked up:
Spare tubes - Essential since this size may be difficult to find.
Brooks Proofide (12g) - Helps break in the Brooks leather saddle. 

Cover & Saddle bag - It'll be handy when I have to kinda conceal the bike, plus I can stash a spare tube and  levers in there.

C-bag - To carry all my stuff while commuting.  I brought my worst-case commuting cargo load  and tried stuffing the C-bag at Portapedal.  It was a tight fit, but everything fit.  I'll do some posts outlining what kinds of loads I'm able to carry in this.

Waterproof zippers on the C-bag... a very nice touch!

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